Running Jumping Standing Still

Willie Murphy & Spider John Koerner

running jumping standing still willie murphy & spider john koerner


Koerner and Murphy performed folk and blues as a duo for five years. Although offered the opportunity by Elektra to record a second album, Koerner declined in order to pursue a film career. Murphy declined an offer to become a producer for Elektra. In a 2010 interview, Murphy recalled, “After we made the record, we had to have a van and a bunch of stuff, and a bass player and drummer. That’s what disenchanted Koerner. Elektra wanted us to do a second album, but he didn’t want to do it. I was OK with that, because I had it in my mind to come back [to Minneapolis] and put together a big band.”

Koerner and Murphy released a single, “Magazine Lady” b/w “Friends and Lovers” the same year.

“I Ain’t Blue” was covered by Bonnie Raitt on her debut album.

Originally released on the Elektra label, Running, Jumping, Standing Still was reissued by Red House in 1994.

“Running Jumping Standing Still is one of the most unique and underrated albums of the folk boom, perhaps the only psychedelic ragtime blues album ever made. It brims over with boisterous energy and stellar playing, driven by John Koerner’s distinctive guitar work and Willie Murphy’s dynamic piano.” -Crawdaddy


  • “Spider” John Koerner guitar, vocals
  • Willie Murphy piano, electric bass, vocals
  • Sandy Konikoff  drums
  • Tod Anderson horn
  • Ken Jenkins trombone, tenor sax, cello, acoustic bass
  • John Wilce banjo, mandolin

Track List

All songs composed by “Spider” John Koerner and Willie Murphy. © Nina Music BMI

  1. Red Palace
  2. I Ain’t Blue
  3. Bill & Annie
  4. Old Brown Dog
  5. Running, Jumping, Standing Still
  6. Sidestep
  7. Magazine Lady
  8. Friends and Lovers
  9. Sometimes I Can’t Help Myself
  10. Good Night
  11. Some Sweet Nancy
running jumping standing still willie murphy & spider john koerner
running jumping standing still - back cover - willie murphy & spider john koerner

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