Recordings by Willie Murphy

This section contains a listing of the music released by Willie along with some sample tracks. We are very excited to report projects in the works involving some exciting Bees tracks releases (from Mark Trehus, Treehouse Records), as well as a “Best of…” compilation of Willie’s post-Bees work (from Doug Myren, Atomic Theory Records). Check back for info on both of these projects!

A limited supply of CDs below are available from Twin Cities record stores (such as Electric Fetus), as well via Amazon (include the CD title in your search; just typing Willie Murphy won’t get you there).  “A Shot of Love/Autobiographical” and “Running Jumping Standing Still” are both available on Compass Records.

Willie Murphy & The Angel Headed Hipsters - Dirtball CD cover
a shot of love willie murphy cd cover
A Shot of Love in a Time of Need / Autobiographical Notes
Devil in the White House Willie Murphy Cockroach Park
Devil in the White House
Ive Got a Secret Willie Murphy CD Cover
I Got A Secret
Willie Murphy & The Angel Headed Hipsters CD cover
Hustlin’ Man Blues
Willie Murphy & The Angel Headed Hipsters cd cover
Monkey in the Zoo
Mr Mature CD Cover - Willie Murphy
Mr. Mature
Traffic CD cover - Willie Murphy & Roy Mcbride
Piano Hits Willie Murphy CD Cover - photo: Rick Dublin
Piano Hits / Hits Piano
Willie and the Bees
Out of the Woods
Willie Murphy & The Bumblebees
Honey From the Bee
running jumping standing still willie murphy & spider john koerner
Running Jumping Standing Still


who will help the po' lad
Who Will Help the Po’ Lad
willie and the bees supermarket EP
Supermarket / Don’t Be Friendly · EP
willie and the bumblebees you're no good single
You’re No Good, You’re Funky / Closer · 45
Willie and The Bumblebees EP cover
66 Highway Parts 1, 2 & 3 / Too Many Drivers · EP