Willie’s World

This page is a work in progress. Willie had close relationships with so many, and spent hours talking with friends about film, books, travel and so much more. If you have a particular memory about a “Willie fav” to include here we’re all ears! Please drop us a line, title or recommendation via the Contact section. Thank you for your help.


Everyone knows film was a love of Willie’s life. The University Film Society and the Trylon were his living rooms.

Satyajit Ray
Abbas Kiarostami
Akita Kurosawa
John Cassavettes
Orson Welles
Agnes Varda
Frederico Fellini
Jang Yimou
Hou Hsiao-hsien


Willie was a voracious reader, having several books going at a time. Following is a list of the authors he read and enjoyed.

Flann O’Brien
James Joyce
Walter Benjamin
Michael Dibdin
Andrea Camillieri
Patrick O’Brian
Joseph Roth
H. Balzac
Isaac Babel
Mike Davis
Fredric Jameson

The above list (thank you Elka!) is really just the tip of the iceberg, and we can’t begin to list particular book titles he loved, but we thought it would be fun to list here some of the books he recommended via a “BOOKFACE” section of his gig promo email.

Chester Himes: Plan B
Orhan Pamuk: The Red Haired Woman; also A Strangeness in My Mind
Anton Treuer: Warrior Nation - a History of Red Lake
Otto Friedrich: City of Nets
Denise Mina
Elena Ferrante: 4 book Naples series: My Brilliant Friend; Story of a New Name; Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay; The Story of the Lost Child
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz: Loaded: A Disarming History of the Second Amendment; also An Indigenous People's  History of The United States

Life’s Pleasures
  • coffee
  • food
  • travel
  • The Nation crossword puzzles
  • The river / Riverside Park
  • cigars
Selections from Willie's Newsletters
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