Willie Murphy & the Angel-Headed Hipsters

Willie Murphy & The Angel Headed Hipsters - Dirtball CD cover


Every Man For Himself And God Against Us All

There are no “love songs”
On this album
Only songs of love and sorrow
And hope

One small planet
Two worlds
An intricate world of life
Old – Alive
A new brash, bludgeoning world
Of greed and destruction
Against life
One small planet — Dying


Angel Headed Hipsters:
  • Willie Murphy: All Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass, (except where noted)
  • Michael Velazquez: Drums
  • Jim Kugl: Tenor Sax
  • Max Ray: Baritone Sax
  • Scott Snyder: Trumpet
Guest Artists:
  • Dean Magraw: Guitar on #3, #9
  • Todd Lund: Guitar on #8
  • Jim Price: Violin on #5
  • Mark Haynes: Bass on #3, #9
  • Melanie Rosales and Maurice Jacox: B. U. Vocals on #4
  • Lucia Newell: B. U. Vocal on # 9


  • All songs by Willie Murphy © Pooka Publishing, ASCAP
  • Recorded at Cockroach Park Studio
  • Produced and engineered by Willie Murphy
  • Mixed by Rob Genadek and Willie Murphy at The Brewhut
  • Mastered by Rob Genadek
  • Joan Nygren: Art & design
  • Dave Baker: Graphic Design pages 13, 15, 21
  • James Ensor: pages 1, 5, 6 & 7, 9, 17, 21, 24

Thanks to Michael, Max, Jimmy, Scotty, and Rob G, Joan, Dave, Jo and all those who contributated to our GoFundMe campaign & to our super hip fans who continue to support us and the music.

“We’re realists. We believe the impossible”
— Che Guevara
Willie Murphy & The Angel Headed Hipsters - Dirtball CD cover
Willie Murphy Dirtball CD cover


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