Monkey in the Zoo

Willie Murphy & the Angel Headed Hipsters

Willie Murphy & The Angel Headed Hipsters cd cover



  • Willie Murphy: all lead vocals, keyboards, guitar
  • Michael Velasquez: drums, vocals
  • Marbue Williams: bass, vocals
  • Frank Stribbling: guitars, vocals
  • Max Ray: tenor sax
  • Rochelle Becker: baritone sax
  • Tim Glaze: trumpet, flugel horn
  • José James: percussion
  • Richie Carlson: keyboards
Backup Vocalists:
  • Sofi Scvedjemark
  • Marilyn Freeman
  • Margaret Cox
  • Suzanne Warmanen
  • Lucia Newell
Chanters on “I Just Wanna Be”
  • Suzanne, Marbue, Michael, Jeff Roberts, Elka Malkis

Track List

  1. Keep On Rocking The Boat · Willie Murphy
  2. The World Is A Neighborhood · Willie Murphy
  3. Keep On Running · Willie Murphy
  4. Kamikaze · Willie Murphy
  5. I Just Wanna Be · Willie Murphy
  6. Open Letter · Willie Murphy
  7. Time (Is Running Out) · Willie Murphy
  8. Midnight Hour · Pickett-Cropper / Cotillion East (BMI)
  9. Great Balls Of Fire · Hammer-Blackwell / BRS Music (BMI)
  10. Monkey In The Zoo · Willie Murphy


  • Jonathan Akre: Engineer, Mixing
  • Julie A. O’Baoighill: Art Direction
  • Tony L.: Photography
  • Peter Martin: Photography
Willie Murphy & The Angel Headed Hipsters cd cover

Sample Tracks

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