Mr. Mature

Willie Murphy

Mr Mature CD Cover - Willie Murphy



  • Jimi Behringer: Fills, Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm)
  • Germaine Brooks: Vocals (Background)
  • Joe Demko: Guitar
  • David Eiland: Lyricon
  • José James: Sax (Alto)
  • Pat Makin: Sax (Tenor)
  • Terry Malloy: Guitar (Rhythm)
  • Jan Marra: Vocals, Vocals (Background)
  • Doug Maynard: Vocals
  • Willie Murphy: Bass, Drum Programming, Drums, Guitars, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocals
  • Bonnie Raitt: Vocals (Background)
  • Melanie Rosales: Vocals (Background)
  • Scott Sansby: Drum Programming, Programming
  • David Sletten: Sax (Alto)
  • Steve Tibbetts: Guitar
  • Wendy Ultan: Violin, Vocals, Voices

Track List

  1. Rock A Nite
  2. Deeper With You
  3. Try Holding On to a Dream
  4. Only Love
  5. He’s a Man
  6. Something To Cheer For
  7. Terry Malloy
  8. Somewhere Down the Line
  9. Dancer
  10. Guitar Love
All songs by Willie Murphy, except Track 3, Try Holding on to a Dream, by Tony Glover and Wille Murphy.


  • Tony Glover: Composer
  • Scott Malchow: Mixing
  • Willie Murphy: Arranger, Composer, Engineer, Producer, Programming, Sequencing
  • Scott Rivard: Engineer, Mixing
  • Steve Wiese: Mixing
Mr Mature CD Cover - Willie Murphy
Willie Murphy

Sample Tracks

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