Tribute from Curtiss A

Curtiss A     March 20, 2021

Bill and I were spawned in the Phillps ‘hood, and for a brief moment, we both attended Minneapolis Central High.  I was aware of his prowess on the bass, but try as I might, I can’t conjure up his image with “Dave Brady and the Stars,” probably because he hadn’t yet developed his trademark beard. I tried to catch as many of his gigs as I could over a half century of opportunities and was never disappointed.
Yes, Prince is a world-famous icon and deservedly so; but Willie Murphy remains as the “heart and soul” of the Twin Cities music scene. He was infamous for his diatribes but you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would say a bad word about him. I have a saved voice mail on my phone.  It’s Willie letting me know about the Beatles’ movie ‘Eight Days a Week.’ I’ll never delete it. John Lennon and Bob Dylan were among his vast cast of fans.
P.S. He confided in me that he, too, had been abducted (and more!). In that friendly gesture, I felt less alone. I was honored to know him.
Curtiss A