Love Buzz Forever

Scott Snyder     July 21, 2021

A serendipitous meeting and playing with Rex Beach got me in the Explodo Boys with his son, ex Bees John Beach, and Jerome Broughton. I found out about the Bees auditioning for a new trumpet player, and got the gig in late ‘79’ I think. They were just releasing “Out of the Woods”, and that album was a killer, man. Every song was great.The whole book, originals and covers, was unbelievably good and fun to play.

At first I thought Willie was a grump, but his genius outweighed that, and I quickly learned how to at least duck, when the shit hit the fan. If he ever felt he lit into you and then realized he was wrong, he always apologized later for it. His passion for the music and the performance was huge.

It was always a love fest wherever we played. Packed dance floors always. I was glad we were the one band in town still doing stepping and kicks and shit.

The Bees and Shangoya together at the Prom Center was utopia!! The back porch at Leona’s on Madeline Island, the Union Bar, Orchestra Hall warming up for BB King, the movie “Survivors”, flatbeds in a parking lot with the Cranstons, all the dancers. I have some great memories🎶

I was honored to be in both the Bees, and The Angel Headed Hipsters with Willie at the helm. Bonnie’s words from the memorial show were so true- “Criminally Underappreciated”

I’ve played with a lot of musicians, but I’ve never worked my craft with a better musician and friend than Willie Murphy, and I don’t expect I ever will🎶

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Scott Snyder 🐝🎺

Above all, be KIND ❤️